BCN3D IGNIS 100W Laser


Εαν έχετε ανάγκη από επαγγελματικό laser engraver cutter σε προσιτή τιμή, τότε το BCN3D IGNIS είναι η επιλογή σας. Διαθέτει όλα τα απαραίτητα τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά για να καλύψει κάθε σας ανάγκη χωρίς να απαιτεί μια περιουσία.

Διαθέτει πηγή CO2 100W, επώνυμα υψηλής ποιότητας εξαρτήματα κύλισης, εξαερισμό, υδρόψυξη, εξελιγμένα ηλεκτρονικά, autofocus και γενικά αποτελεί ένα επώνυμο και αξιόπιστο σύνολο για κοπή/χάραξη σε δεκάδες υλικά!

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The BCN3D Ignis V2017 has been designed to approach the laser technology manufacturing to the society, as well as offering a competitive solution to the industry, with the best quality-price ratio on the market.

Designed and manufactured in Barcelona with the aim of offering an equipment with a high level performance in a Class I secure environment .

The BCN3D Ignis is powered by a 100W CO2 laser which allows to cut, mark and engrave on a wide range of materials including wood, plastic (acrylic), paper, glass, stone, leather, cardboard and / or paper.

Wide range of materials

The technology of the BCN3D Ignis allows it to cut almost any material of medium hardness, like slate, fabric, paper, methacrylate, leather, wood, ceramic or food; and can engrave hard materials such as stone, steel, iron, crystal or even jeanswear. This quality makes of the BCN3D Ignis one of our most versatile machines.

Integrated solution

The BCN3D Ignis has been designed in order to optimize the setup and maintenance time. Peripheral systems, cooling and fumes extraction are integrated on the machine and comfortably controlled by the electronics.

Connectivity capabilities

The BCN3D Ignis can be adapted to all the installation scenarios, providing an Ethernet connection that allows the use of the equipment to multiple users. It also offers the possibility of restricting the connection to a small number of operators, either using USB direct connection or through a USB memory.

Optimized process

The “Track Function” option allows to pre-mark the area of operation, which guarantees a precise control of the working area minimizing the production losses.

High integration with 2D drawing software

The RDWorks v8.01.18 software allows direct import of Adobe Illustrator files (.AI) and generic formats such as DXF, JPG, GIF or BMP. Also offers the ability to submit projects directly from CorelDraw and Autodesk Autocad programs, through specific drivers for each of them.

Without effort!

The BCN3D IGNIS is equipped with a motorized cutting table and an autofocus system. The combination of both permits the option of setting the correct height for each material thickness in order to perform a comfortable and efficient experience. Moreover, it allows to engrave objects up to 290mm height.

Low maintenance, faster and safer!

One of the main maintenance operations of this kind of machines is the laser calibration. The BCC (Beam Combiner Calibration) system allows the operator to attach an optical laser with the IR laser beam, avoiding accidents by preventing the tests with the CO2 laser and reducing the calibration time of the mirrors drastically.

Clear and safe

The BCN3D Ignis is equipped with a honeycomb cutting table placed in a closed cabin, which optimizes the fume extraction, minimizing the odors and risks for the users.

High quality laser

The BCN3D Ignis laser is controlled by a powerful electronic which allows to modulate its power in function of the head’s acceleration and speed, ensuring the best cutting and engraving quality.

More quality and durable consumables!

The air supply over the cutting point is one of the key factors in order to achieve a quality and clean cutting and engraving process, since it removes the melting, combustion and vaporization traces from the material. Moreover, it cools and keeps the optical system clean, which lengthen its life. The BCN3D Ignis is equipped to be connected to an air installation.

In route to excellence

As versatile as the BCN3D Ignis is, our engineers are constantly working on possible upgrades for the software, firmware, electronics and other qualities of the machine. That is what makes us able to say the BCN3D Ignis is a machine that is constantly evolving.

User friendly

Control interface with color screen TFT 3.5 «320×480


  • Start-Stop
  • Origins setting up
  • Display operations
  • Calculation of working time
  • Status bar
  • File library
  • Parameters library
  • Diagnostic system of the axes XYZ
  • Parallel speeds management
  • Parallel laser power management



Exterior dimensions



Packaging dimensions

1600x1160x1400 (+-10)mm


Approximate weight






Maximum functioning temperature




Maximum cutting area 995x575mm

Maximum piece’s size 995x575x290mm

Repeatability +-0.01mm

Resolution 0.0231mm (1100dpi)

Minimum text size 1.7mm alphanumeric characters

Laser type CO2

Power 100w

Display TFT 3.5″ 320×480 Color

Operation Engrave / Mark / Cut

Fume extraction P550W 220V (860m3/h)

Refrigeration Water Chiller CW3000

Air Supply Laser Head Integrated (compressor not included)

Calibration System Beam Combiner

Optional lens 2.5″/3″/4″

Standard lens 2″(ZnSE)

Glasses 3xØ20mm

Surface type: Honeycomb

Security Category I (with continous supervision)

Certification CE



Controler Ruida RD6442Gmm

Drivers 3xleadshine M880A

Motorization 3xNema 23

Connection Ethernet (RJ45)/PC-USB/Pen Drive USB

OS Windows

Software RDWorks V8.01.18

Input file formats *.ai, *.dxf, *.pit, *.dst, *.dsb,*.eps, *.nc, *.bmp, *. gif,  *.jpg ,*.tiff, *.png, *.ico, *.raw, etc

Compatible drawing software Inkscape, Illustrator, Coreldraw, Autocad, Gimp, photoshop

Supply AC 230V, AC 3,6-1,3A, 50-60Hz

Exit 24V DC, 13A

Power consumption 1000W

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